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Are you looking for a licensed therapist, dietitian or other professional to help guide you through body image concerns and build up your body image resilience?

We are now approving Beauty Redefined Program Facilitators to offer enrollment in our Body Image Resilience course and guided instruction to clients in need of body image support. Professionals: Apply now to see your name, therapy practice, location and contact information listed here!

Find a Beauty Redefined Program Facilitator in your Area


Paige Smather | Positive Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Salt Lake City, UT

Katie Davis | Positive Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Salt Lake City, UT

Lyndy Barnard | Mind and Strength

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Centerville, UT


Channa Morton | Northeastern Tribal Health System 

Registered Dietitian

Miami, OK

Kristen Hurlbert | Northeastern Tribal Health System 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Miami, OK


Dr. Artemis Tegan

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

San Pedro, CA


Dr. Paula Freedman | Interaction Dynamics

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Chicago, IL


Anne K. Blocker | Luther College Wellness Program
Registered Dietitian

Decorah, IA


Cherie Miller | Food Freedom Therapy

Licensed Professional Counselor

Grapevine, TX


Nanette Adams | Nanette Adams Counseling, LLC

Registered Dietitian

Mandeville, LA

About our Body Image Resilience Course


The Beauty Redefined Body Image Resilience Program by Lindsay and Lexie Kite, Ph.D., is a research-backed, in-depth online course for individuals that guides participants through the life-changing process of developing positive body image and resilience in manageable steps. Based on our theoretical model of body image resilience, this course consists of 8 units (made up of 15 detailed modules) and users can engage with it as a fully video-based course and/or a text- and graphics-based course, along with full audio recording. The course also utilizes interactive surveys, challenges, reflections, and online group discussion.


Through this new facilitator program, individual clients of approved therapists, dietitians or other licensed professionals can enroll in our online Body Image Resilience course and meet regularly in individual or group therapy sessions to discuss and delve deeper into their feelings and experiences prompted by the online content and challenges. Each individual who enrolls in the course through an approved Beauty Redefined Facilitator will receive a printed student workbook with reminders of course content, challenges, and reflections (with space to take notes) and a ‘More Than a Body’ tote bag, in addition to the 16-week course registration.

For therapy clients: If your own preferred therapist, dietitian or other licensed professional isn’t listed below as an approved Beauty Redefined Facilitator, we would encourage you to send them this link and ask them to consider registering in order to guide you and other clients through our curriculum. Check back regularly for new additions to this list.

For therapists, dietitians and other licensed professionals working with women and body image concerns: Our new facilitator program provides structured, evidence-based content for helping girls and women develop positive body image and body image resilience. Individuals are able to enroll and engage on their own with our online course, but many can greatly benefit from working through our curriculum with the aid of a therapist or other professional. If you are interested in applying to register as a Beauty Redefined Facilitator, you can do so and find out more here. Upon paying an annual registration fee, approved facilitators can offer course enrollments and student workbooks to 10 clients (with upgrades for more clients always available).

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