course facilitators

Are you looking for a licensed therapist, dietitian or other professional to help guide you through body image concerns and build up your body image resilience?

Find a Beauty Redefined Program Facilitator in your Area


Paige Smather | Positive Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Salt Lake City, UT

Katie Davis | Positive Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Salt Lake City, UT

Lyndy Barnard | Mind and Strength

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Centerville, UT


Channa Morton | Northeastern Tribal Health System 

Registered Dietitian

Miami, OK

Kristen Hurlbert | Northeastern Tribal Health System 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Miami, OK


Dr. Artemis Tegan

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

San Pedro, CA


Dr. Paula Freedman | Interaction Dynamics

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Chicago, IL


Anne K. Blocker | Luther College Wellness Program
Registered Dietitian

Decorah, IA


Cherie Miller | Food Freedom Therapy

Licensed Professional Counselor

Grapevine, TX


Nanette Adams | Nanette Adams Counseling, LLC

Registered Dietitian

Mandeville, LA

About our Body Image Resilience Course


The Beauty Redefined Body Image Resilience Program by Lindsay and Lexie Kite, Ph.D., is a research-backed, in-depth online course for individuals that guides participants through the life-changing process of developing positive body image and resilience in manageable steps. Based on our theoretical model of body image resilience, this course consists of 8 units (made up of 15 detailed modules) and users can engage with it as a fully video-based course and/or a text- and graphics-based course, along with full audio recording. The course also utilizes interactive surveys, challenges, reflections, and online group discussion.


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