Lexie Kite, Ph.D. and Lindsay Kite, Ph.D., run the nonprofit Beauty Redefined and More Than a Body, LLC. Since establishing Beauty Redefined in 2009, Lexie and Lindsay have become leading experts in the work of body image resilience through research-backed online education available on their website, social media, and through speaking events to tens of thousands across the US.  Lexie and Lindsay have been featured in a wide range of media. For more information on Lexie and Lindsay Kite and their research, please see the FAQ page, About Usor contact us directly for an immediate response to  interview requests. Our press kit with headshot, logo and more can be found here.

Lexie and Lindsay’s Latest Podcast Interviews

Call Her Daddy with Alex Cooper: F*** the Male Gaze 

Exactly with Florence Given: Sex, Summer, and Self-Objectification with Lexie and Lindsay Kite

For the Love with Jenn Hatmaker: You are More than Beauty with Lexie and Lindsay Kite

Diet Starts Tomorrow Presented by Betches: Admit It, You Stare at Yourself on Zoom

NPR Interview: How to Help Young People Limit their Screen Time 

Go Ask Ali Podcast with Ali Wentworth: Our Bodies Are Instruments with Drs Lexie & Lindsay Kite

Another Mother Runner: interview with Lexie Kite

Body Kindness: interview with Lexie & Lindsay Kite

Food Heaven Podcast: interview with Lindsay Kite

Happy As A Mother Podcast: interview with Lexie Kite

What the Hell Do I Eat, interview with Lindsay Kite

The Poison Punch Podcast: interview with Lexie Kite

Mind Love: interview with Lexie Kite

Train Happy Podcast: interview with Lexie Kite

Happily Holistic with Amy Leigh Mercree: interview with Lindsay Kite

About Progress Podcast, interview with Lexie Kite

Feel Good Effect Podcast, interview with Lindsay Kite

Simple Families: interview with Lexie Kite

Wellness Lately Podcast: interview with Lindsay Kite

The Unburdened Leader Podcast: interview with Lindsay Kite

Mom Enough, interview with Lexie Kite

The Babesment Pod, interview with Lexie Kite

Biceps After Babies Podcast: Body Image with Dr. Lexie Kite

Intuitive Bites Podcast: The SuperBowl Halftime Show and Body Image Resilience with Dr. Lindsay Kite

Awesome with Alison: Building Body Image Resilience Through Thick and Thin with Dr. Lexie Kite

Train Happy Podcast with Tally Rye: Building Body Image Resilience with Lindsay and Lexie Kite

Harder to Kill Radio podcast with host Stephanie Gaudreau: Dealing with Negative Body Image with Beauty Redefined Episode 183

FoodPsych Podcast with Christy Harrison: Body Image Resilience with Beauty Redefined’s Lexie and Lindsay Kite Episode 144

Nutrition Matters Podcast with Paige Smathers: Beauty Redefined and Body Image Resilience Episode 106

Comfort Food Podcast: Beyond Body Positivity with Lexie Kite

KSL Mom’s Show in three segments: Why women need to see themselves as more than bodies, How women unknowingly objectify themselves, and How to fix poor body image.



Beauty Redefined On Screen

TEDx Talk: Body Positivity or Body Obsession? Learning to See More & Be More” by Lindsay Kite, Ph.D.

Studio 5 KSL TV Drs. Lexie and Lindsay Kite on Redefining the Modesty Conversation in May 2018

Studio 5 KSL TV Dr. Lexie Kite on Fitspiration, Body Positivity, and Objectification in April 2018

KSL TV News Dr. Lexie Kite on Social Media Influencers and Objectification in March 2018

KUTV News More than a Body with Drs. Lexie and Lindsay Kite in June 2017

NBC 10 Philadelphia Twins Defining What Beauty Is in March 2015

CNBC’s “Closing Bell” about our viral #CuttheCarls campaign against Carl’s Jr. in Sept. 2014

Beauty Redefined in Newspapers, Magazines and Noteworthy Websites

Kirkus, review, 12/15 issue 

            “A fresh interpretation of a simple yet powerful lesson about self-liberation.” How to Make Kids Comfortable in Their Own Bodies

USA Today, 5 books not to miss inclusion

Self Magazine:  “7 Food-Related Phrases You Should Ban From Your Vocabulary This Month (and Forever featuring tips from Lindsay Kite and Lexie Kite

The Boston Globe: Labor secretary pick ripped over use of racy ads” (Includes interview with Lindsay Kite on Carl’s Jr. CEO and his defense of the objectification of women) “What Everyone Is Getting Wrong About Body Positivity,” featuring Lindsay Kite and her TEDx talk, Nov. 2017

Feminist Frequency: “Empowerment and Body Positivity in the Selfie Age” (Interview with Lindsay Kite by Meghan Murphy)

NBC (Based on an Associated Press story re-published in dozens of major national newspapers and news outlets) – #MoreThanMeat: The Campaign to Stop those Sexist Burger Ads,” 

We are the first twins graduating with PhDs at the same time that our university can recall.

Standard Examiner – “Is modest really the hottest?” Aug. 2014

HaveHeart Magazine – “Lexie & Lindsay Kite: Beauty Redefined” May 2014

Continuum Magazine: Re-envisioning Women’s Worth and Wellness in September 2013

Maria Shriver’s website,, asked us to write this piece on how to develop positive body image in Oct. 2014

University of Utah News: Twin Sisters Earn Doctoral Degrees While Redefining Beauty in May 2013

Salt Lake Tribune Front Page Story: Utah Twins Launch Sticky Note Protest in February 2013

Huffington Post: “Fitspiration: Why it isn’t so Inspirational” in May 2012 Tanning is a Young, White, Female Problem. And it’s Deadly in April 2013 “Discussing Weight and Body Image” in February 2013

Salt Lake Tribune Close-Up Profile: University of Utah Twins Tackle Beauty Stereotypes in September 2012

Deseret News (SLC Newspaper) 2-part series on objectification:

Read Part 1: “The End of Innocence: The Cost of Sexualizing Kids” 

Part 2: “Sexualizing Kids: No Child Left Behind – and Fighting Back” 


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