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Dr. Lindsay Kite and Dr. Lexie Kite are identical twins and co-authors of the book More Than a Body: Your Body Is an Instrument, Not an Ornament (2020, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) and co-directors of the nonprofit Beauty Redefined. They both received PhDs from the University of Utah in the study of female body image and have become leading experts in body image resilience and media literacy. Authors of numerous studies and books have cited Lindsay and Lexie’s original research and they have been featured in a variety of national media outlets, including The New York Times, CNBC, the Boston Globe, Slate, ShapeGlamourTeen Vogue, and more. Today, Lindsay and Lexie continue to help girls and women recognize and reject the harmful effects of objectification in their lives through their significant social media reach, popular book, online Body Image Resilience course and facilitator program for dieticians and therapists, and regular speaking engagements for thousands of people of all ages. Lindsay lives in New York City and Lexie lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

While many well-intentioned people promote positive body image from the basis of helping women realize and embrace their beauty, Lindsay and Lexie change the conversation about body image by teaching girls and women they are MORE than beautiful. Their work is founded on the truth that positive body image isn’t about believing your body looks good, it’s about knowing your body is good, regardless of how it looks. This expanded definition of positive body image provides the foundation for their overall mission to promote body image resilience, or the ability to become stronger *because* of the difficulties and shame women experience in an objectifying culture, not *in spite of* those things. Through both research and personal experiences, Lindsay and Lexie work to arm people with the tools to become resilient in the face of objectification and unreal ideals about bodies.

Our 2017 TED Talk video is here for a great intro to our approach to body image resilience:
Our introduction to Beauty Redefined video can be found here:

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