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Lexie Kite, PhD and Lindsay Kite, PhD have spoken to hundreds of thousands across the world since 2009 as keynote speakers at conferences, universities, treatment centers, community and corporate events, and school districts. They are available to speak both virtually and in person. They are booking limited speaking engagements, so please contact us to inquire about a specific date. Please send the dates/times you have in mind, location or virtual platform, host organization, and audience/event information. Speaking rates are negotiable. Lindsay is based in New York City and Lexie is based in Salt Lake City.

Please feel free to inquire about scheduling a future event here.

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Presentation Overview

In their dynamic 45-minute presentation, the Kites use original research and personal anecdotes to teach their unique “More Than a Body” approach to body image education and activism. Their work that centers on the truth that positive body image isn’t believing your body looks good, it’s knowing your body is good, regardless of how it looks. This refined definition of positive body image provides the foundation for their work to arm people with the tools to build resilience in a culture that objectifies and commodifies bodies. Whereas approaches like body positivity and body neutrality can feel impractical or unachievable in a culture that values women in particular as bodies first and people second, the Kites’ approach centers on helping people build Body Image Resilience – a practical and continuous process of facing body shame triggers and responding in strategic ways that reconnect you to your body and your greater sense of self.

The presentation covers:

-the ways objectification in media and cultural messaging shapes ideals and expectations about bodies and how this impacts individuals’ body image

-the effects of fixation on appearance (self-objectification) on body image, self-worth, mental and physical health

-the Kites’ unique model for helping people build Body Image Resilience, starting with recognizing the harmful and ineffective ways people cope with body shame

-how to use difficult experiences with body shame as catalysts to practice new strategies for building Body Image Resilience, including strengths and skills to cope with shame in healthy, productive, and empowering ways

-what rising with Body Image Resilience looks like in real life examples and how to sustain it

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